Saturday, August 4, 2012


How typical of me to start a blog and then drop off the face of the Earth for a few days. Life has been pretty hectic this last week but I guess that was to be expected considering I just moved into a new apartment. I think I was living in a fantasy when I thought this big transition would go smoothly, I definitely didn't prepare myself for how truly crazy it would be.

Anyway the new apartment is amazing now that we have all of our furniture moved in (which was a huge battle of it's own because we had a fiasco with the movers, of course). I am really happy with the way our place is turning out because it looks SO cute and my roommates are really fabulous and we've just been having a lot of fun the past few days. T Sax is back in SD for the next few weeks because she is still working out there so for now it's just me and Juju, and unofficially Cuerto since she practically lives with us anyway.

I bought a new bedroom set of Craigslist and I sanded it down and refinished it. It look amazing since it was my fist time attempting to do something like that. The set turned out so good that T Sax asked me to help her finish some end tables she bought for the living room, so I did - and they turned out amazing as well so I'm pleased with myself. I also painted an accent wall in my room with a little help from Hailey, hung shelves in my bathroom, and changed the head of my shower all by myself. I feel really accomplished with everything I've done so far with the new place. I'm planning on installing some curtains in my room with in the next week.

I want to add pictures of everything eventually but we haven't had internet at our new place because Verizon made a big mistake with my order so I'm currently sitting at Starbucks to blog this so pictures will come LATER! I must add them so I can look back and remember all the cool things I did in my attempt to fix the place up on my own.

Last night I didn't get to bed until 5:00 am. FIVE AM! Can we just talk about how ridiculous that is and how exhausted I am?! Cuerto, Stef, and Hailey came over to keep me company while Juju was at work so when Juju got home we all just sat around and talked and ate the cookies that I baked earlier in the day. Then after Hailey and Stef went home, Cuerto wanted to go out to a Theta Chi party... Juju and I were both really tired but we've been saying we want to get to know this fraternity betterand Cuerto was kind of guilting us into it so we agreed to go. By the time we got ready and left our apartment it was already 1 AM, talk about arriving fashionably late to the party! We stayed for a few hours but to be honest it wasn't really that fun. I mean I didn't get to drink because I was DDing but still it was pretty low key. It wasn't at the Theta Chi house so there weren't that many people (I'm sure most people had obviously gone home before we even arrived). But I met some cool people and I'll definitely be getting to know them better next semester. We left around 3AM and the 3 of us came back to our apartment where we just sat in my room talking while I tried to finish unpacking and organizing. So by the time I finally crawled into bed and looked at the clock... it was 5AM... sad days!

The next few days will be pretty busy I have so much to do. I have NO food in my new place so as soon as I leave Starbucks I need to swing by a grocery store because I've literally been starving the past few days but I just haven't had the time to go shopping. William should be back in town in a few hours and I know he's going to want to come over so I need to get everything done before people start showing up at our place. Tomorrow a bunch of us are going to the finals of the US Open and I've never been before so it should be a good time. And then there is a ZEEB party that night which will be fun because I haven't been to one of my familiar fraternities parties since July 4th when I went to Pi Kapp.

Hopefully Verizon can get there crap together so we can get the internet up and running at our new place so I can try to get this blog going with more consistent writing. And here's to hoping that next time I sit down to write an entry I actually have time to proof read it so it's better quality. Cheers :)

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