Monday, September 24, 2012

Who to Choose and Who to Lose?

"In an unexpected turn of events, I was neither a winner, nor a loser, I was a chooser. But someone had to win, someone had to lose, and I was still left to choose. It was a big decision and not an easy one to make."

I've been dragging this decision out way to long and it's not fair to anyone involved. I'm constantly stressed and feeling guilty, both Hunter and Robbie are feeling bad because they know I'm seeing the other one, and even my friends and roommates are getting caught up in it, even accidentally calling one the wrong name! As much as I'm dreading making my decision I know it needs to be done because this is getting ridiculous.

I've never identified more with a show than I have with MTV's Awkward lately. Which is what the title and quote at the beginning of this blog are from. Jenna, the main character, gets caught up in a love triangle between Matty and Jake. Two great guys who are different in many ways but happen to be bestfriends.

Thankfully in my case Hunter and Robbie aren't friends, they've only met twice. So that makes this decision a little easier. However, I know whoever I don't choose will be really hurt.

While watching Awkward. I was #TeamJake all along, I thought he was more attractive, nicer, and better for Jenna (and he IS) but Jenna ends up picking Matty at the end of season 2.

And in the actual situation of my life I think I'm going to make the same choice that Jenna did.

I'm going to choose my Matty. Which in this situation is clearly Hunter.

Now I just don't know how to break the news to the other one and try to salvage our friendship, if that's even possible...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Roomie Drama

Today I had my first "big" fight with one of my roommates. I just feel as though she's being really selfish lately.

Anytime I make food I offer her some and I gladly share. This morning she asked me for one of my donuts and I gave her one, along with a piece of mine because she asked to try it. I also frequently curl and straighten her hair for her when she asks me to.

And yet when I ask her to do the simplest thing, she does it with an attitude. She'll scoff and be super dramatic and answer back with something like "I guess...".

I just don't think it's nice or fair and to be honest it's really getting under my skin.

I need to figure out what the "adult" way to handle this would be, but first I'm going to drink more wine.