Friday, September 7, 2012

Roomie Drama

Today I had my first "big" fight with one of my roommates. I just feel as though she's being really selfish lately.

Anytime I make food I offer her some and I gladly share. This morning she asked me for one of my donuts and I gave her one, along with a piece of mine because she asked to try it. I also frequently curl and straighten her hair for her when she asks me to.

And yet when I ask her to do the simplest thing, she does it with an attitude. She'll scoff and be super dramatic and answer back with something like "I guess...".

I just don't think it's nice or fair and to be honest it's really getting under my skin.

I need to figure out what the "adult" way to handle this would be, but first I'm going to drink more wine.

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